Self Protection

For Girls (ages 12-18) and Their Parents

This class is for girls who are starting to spend more time away from their parents.  Sometimes they may be out with boys, sometimes alone, and sometimes as a group. Teenage girls and young women can be very vulnerable.  They may find themselves subject to unwanted physical advances or sexual harassment at either school or work. A girl may be alone walking down the street or at a party that has become more than she bargained for.  She may become the object of someone’s attention while driving home from a friend’s house. What should she do if she has car trouble while alone at night?

Is it wise to send our daughters into this often frightening and sometimes dangerous world with no training in self protection? 1st Lessons in Self Protection for girls and their parents teaches girls principles and strategies for keeping safe in a variety of situations. Through role playing real-life situations, they are able to learn simple principles that will serve as the foundation for a lifetime of positive self- protection practices.

In 1st Lessons in Self Protection, girls and their parents will learn how to recognize danger signals before danger materializes.  They will also learn about intuition:  What it is, how to train it, and to recognize how it warns us of impending danger.  We will also teach the most common ploys used by sexual predators and what to do to neutralize these potential threats.

1st Lessons in Self Protection teaches young women and their parents (in a non-threatening environment) about being aware and prepared.  An aware, relaxed person is able to respond appropriately to danger signals.  This awareness is the best tool for self protection any person could have.

2017 Schedule

Contact MT Rose regarding the class schedule.