The most important reason to study Tai Chi Chuan is that when you finally reach the place
where you understand what life is about, you will have some health to enjoy it.
                                                                                    Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing


This site is dedicated to the teachings of Tam Gibbs. Tam Gibbs was Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s translator, personal secretary, and my Tai Chi Chuan teacher.

Tam’s most sincere desire was to make the ancient teachings of the Chinese sages available to American students.  These teachings were brought alive to him by his close association with the Professor.  The instrument he used was Tai Chi Chuan.

Since Tam’s death, the only person from his class with whom I have been associated is my dear Tai Chi brother, the late Dr. John Lad. A short story: John and I came out of class one night and I asked him, “Did you hear what Tam said?” John replied, “Yes. He said a, b, and c.” I told John, “No he didn’t. He said x, y, and z.” Two people can hear the same words and come to a different conclusion. I am only offering my perspective on Tam’s teachings.

Tam taught in the classical way.  Since his untimely death, I have continued on that path.  If I have made mistakes in my understanding, or my memory has failed, please correct me.  The teachings I received from Professor’s senior students have been invaluable in helping me understand the gift that I received from Tam.  My successes have been achieved with their help.  My failures are simply my own.

                                                                                                        MT (Steven) Rose, Teacher

* * * * *

In 2017 our Teacher, Steven Rose, moved out of the country to start a new Tai Chi Chuan school in Argentina.  His senior students have continued with the school and are teaching throughout Sonoma County.  If you are interested in classes offered or have questions, please refer to the above menu.