School Lineage

•    YANG CHENG-FU:  (1883-1936)

Yang Ch’eng-fu was born into the famous Yang Taijiquan family, the son of Yang Chien-hou and grandson of Yang Lu-chan. With his older brother Yang Shao-hou and colleagues Wu Jianquan and Sun Lutang , he was among the first teachers to offer T’ai chi ch’uan instruction to the general public at the Beijing Physical Culture Research Institute from 1914 until 1928.

•    CHENG MAN-CH’ING:  (1901-1975)

Professor Cheng excelled in five fields: poetry, painting, calligraphy, Tai Chi Chuan and medicine. He was famous the world over for these accomplishments.  He also studied deeply the teachings of former sages.  People who believe him to be the most outstanding individual in Chinese cultural history in this century (literally, since the founding of the Republic of China, 1911) are not exaggerating.
“Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing Biography” by Tam Gibbs

•    TAM GIBBS:  (1939-1981)

Tam Gibbs was a senior student, personal secretary, and translator for Professor Cheng.  From the time Tam met the Professor until his death in 1981, his sole purpose was to serve the Professor and clarify his profound teachings for American students.
“Tam Gibbs, As I Knew Him” by MT Rose

•    MT (STEVEN) ROSE:  (1947-Present)

MT Rose has been studying Tai Chi Chuan 40 years. He is a senior student of Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Tam Gibbs who was Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s personal secretary and translator. He also studied with other senior students of Professor Cheng:  Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Ed Young, and Maggie Newman. The Whirling Wind Tai Chi Chuan School (previously Sonoma Mountain School of Tai Chi Chuan) was founded by MT in 1986.
“Why I do Tai Chi” by MT Rose

“Why I Still Do Tai Chi Chuan” by MT Rose